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Fandom: Pokémon Red the Movie

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1 Fandom: Pokémon Red the Movie on Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:37 am

A fan known on YouTube as PKMNBlogger has decided to make his first Pokémon Movie. The movie will be known as Pokémon Red the Movie. The concept of this movie idea was known for a year and is finally being placed into production. The movie is set for release onto YouTube, Summer 2010. A YouTube was made for movie updates. The script has been set to be done before 2010. The plot of Pokémon Red the Movie is going to be very close to the games released in N. America, Pokémon Red and Blue Versions. The YouTube is updated on the last day of every month with some minor or major details. The cast has not been released, but two characters and there actors are known.
Trainer Red - Nick
Rival Blue - Zelgerath[PKMNBlogger]

The badges have been bought from KeroKeroCola. KeroKeroCola makes badges from each region including the Orange Islands. These badges are fanmade and can be ordered here. There has been talk and updates by PKMNBlogger[Zelgerath] himself at a Pokémon Website known as Jirachi Sky. Zelgerath is working on many ways to get real life battle scenes in the movie, he is testing programs such as Sony Vegas 7. Locations for the movie have been set. These games are going to be as close to the games, but Red will actually have talking lines similar to the Pokémon Special manga. Zelgerath has confirmed a rumor of a Pokémon Red the Movie website. It is currently unknown when this website will be released.

The battles may be filmed a bit like the above.[^Zelgerath^]

This promotion banner was designed by, PokéNews.[Zelgerath plans to use this banner]

Jirachi Sky
PKMNBloggerMovies[Pokémon Red the Movie]

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