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Fandom: Pokémon Red the Movie; New Promotion Banners & Spoiler!

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Pokémon Red the Movie has been talked about with tons of Pokémon fans. You all know that I have designed the Promotion Banner for Zelgerath. We have been talking over YouTube about the banner. He liked the "Universal" look I gave the banner, but the banner needed to be fixed a little. I took the time out to redesign the banner, because news has been slow. There are four different versions of the Promotion Banner, many tweaks have been made to each version.

Version 1 [3 Kanto Starters]

Version 2 [Shown in "Fandom: Pokémon Red the Movie"]

Version 3 [Charizard in the back, Eevee in the front]

Zelgerath asked me through a Private Message on YouTube, to fix the banner by placing Eevee near the back or off to the side. [SPOILER]Why? Well, Charmander will be Red's starter choice. He wanted the attention more on Red's starter so it was asked if I could place Charizard closer and up front a bit more to Red.

Version 4 [Red with Starter Charizard]

Look out for more news at Pokémon Red the Movie's official YouTube. The movie is still in the works and should arrive on YouTube Summer 2010.

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